Pesona Nissa Sabyan, Penyanyi Shalawat yang Bikin Hati Teduh

How should we manage capital in trading? Let us make a deposit once and then develop the capital by directly adding profit into our capital continuously so that we finally have a large enough capital and then stay enjoy the results by doing WD only from our profit? Ok deh, developing the capital in such a way, or commonly called the compounding, on paper is tempting. I was once given a table by one of my fellow traders who recently attended a short introduction course of trading. The table describes in detail and complete the picture of capital development by including profit into trading capital. Frankly the details I forgot, but more or less, there is a full calculation of how the capital of $ 1000 in less than 3 months, enough with the use of margins of 20% and 30 pips a day we can collect a fairly large capital so that one moment only with doing WD 50% of our profit, is enough to finance life, equivalent to the salary of middle executives in multinational corporations! Wow, it's really fun if it's githu. If in practice it could be (and easy), I would propose that BLT be realized in the form of trading capital, then given free trade training for unemployment. Should the problem of unemployment and poverty in our country will be completed within 3-4 months. Duuh ... sorry before, instead I underestimate the results of the calculation (which is pretty neat actually) that has been made by my friend's trading trainer. I'm just reminding you, that trading is not as easy as imagined. Moreover to get consistent results. It seems never heard tuh ... temen trader who so plunged into the world of direct trading success in the first year. Often it actually denger, my friends who have passed the first year of trading means already immune "battered" tuh! So how dong should manage our trading capital?
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