Korban Begal yang Membela Diri dari Aksi Begal di Bekasi Ternyata Santri Asal Madura

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One of the traders actually suggested a more extreme investment style again. Instead of collecting profits and adding to capital, he advocated to do "hit and run". Meaning? Capital turnover in trading is only a week or less. Deposit, trading, profit and direct WD. Ntar easy, if you want to trade again, just deposit again. After all the deposit and WD process is instant, so it's not a problem, it can be anytime. The principle: profit from trading that must be immediately "enjoyed" Why? Yes, because according to him, in the trading world there are only 2 alternatives: finish or finish. Cruel huh? Ok deh ... whatever, what style will you follow. Just my advice, at least enjoy your first profit first. Enjoying profit will increase your motivation in trading. At least you can tell if WD ever. Mmm, the reason is seriously, well at least you never prove that the broker you are trading is not scam, reliable and WDnya process is also as easy as promised in the ad. After that if you feel fit to save or even add profit into your trading capital, it's up aja. Provided you are fully aware that the funds in your active desk can be exhausted at any time. Of course with the management of the mature margin, the possibility of MC can be minimized. But still, I still think, it's good, let's just deposit that you do it is the funds that you have expressed seandainyapun seapes-apesnya hit MC as well.
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