Bocah SD Viral, Lihat Potret Ibunya yang Cantik dan Kekinian

Many people say get rich quick if trading forex. However, the lure of lure is not necessarily accompanied by an understanding of what is forex trading, both characteristics, advantages, and risks. In this review, we will discuss a number of basic forex trading that must be known to everyone. What is Forex Trading? Forex trading is currency trading from different countries with a goal to make a profit. In this case, forex is short for Foreign Exchange (foreign exchange). An example of forex trading is buying Euro (European currency), while simultaneously selling USD (American currency), can be abbreviated EUR / USD. In the shadow of a layman, understanding of forex trading is the activity of exchanging money in Money Changer, which is trading and buying foreign currency manually done through money changer. In fact, forex trading is different from manual transactions like in Money Changer. Generally, the purpose of someone to buy and sell money in Money Changer is because of the need to exchange currency to transact in different countries, so there is a physical exchange of money. While forex trading done done online with the aim of obtaining profit only. Need to be understood, forex trading is a business activity, investment, even can be a profession.
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