Pria ini Dikirimi Undangan Nikah dari Mantan, Tulisan Kepadanya Gitu Banget?

Types of Life Insurance

There are several types of life insurance products which of course each has different benefits. These types of life insurance aims to serve the various needs, abilities, and purchasing power. Please see what types of life insurance follows:

1. Term Life Insurance (Term Life Insurance)
Term life insurance or term life insurance is its function to provide protection to the insured within a certain period of time. This life insurance usually offers a contract for 5, 10, or 20 years, with a fixed and cheap premium.

You are recommended to choose this type of life insurance if you are prioritizing your family's future, especially children's education. Suitable for those of you who have a need for a large insurance costs but have limited financial ability.

2. Life Insurance for Life (Whole Life Insurance)
Life insurance lifetime or whole life insurance provides lifelong protection, although insurance companies usually limit the benefits of protection up to only 100 years.

This life insurance is recommended for those of you who do not have dependents and want benefits beyond death benefit, or you are interested in the idea of ​​long-term savings. So if you want life protection as well as savings for emergency needs such as paying hospital bills, you can consider buying this type of life insurance policy.

3. Dwiguna Life Insurance (Endowment Insurance)
This type of term life insurance or endowment insurance is in accordance with its name is an insurance that has two benefits, namely as life insurance futures as well as savings. This means that you as the policyholder can get the cash value from the insurance premium you have paid in the form of sum assured if the insured dies within a certain period in accordance with the policy of the insurance policy concerned and also can draw the insurance policy within a certain time before the contract expires.

This type of life insurance is recommended for those who are more eager to ensure the availability of education funds for children, want to have funds for unexpected needs in the future, and want to have a larger pension fund.
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