5 Pernikahan Artis Ini di Sebut Paling Mewah Se-Indonesia, Ada yang Masuk Rekor MURI, Tapi Malah Cerai

             4. Ardi Bakrie - Nia Ramadhani

Why Need to Buy Life Insurance?

1. For the Protection of Loss of Income for Families
No one knows what will happen tomorrow, including you. To anticipate your chances of getting caught and leaving your family for life forever, you need to buy a life insurance policy so that your family can earn life insurance money after you leave.

2. As Protection of the Risks of Death Due to the Causes of Major Causes of Death
Based on a survey conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2002, 10 major causes of death in Indonesia are coronary heart disease, tuberculosis, vascular abnormalities, respiratory diseases, newborn disease, lung disease, traffic accidents, diabetes, blood high, and diarrhea. These diseases are fairly common, so it is important for you to have protection against the risk of contracting those diseases and dying.

3. One of the ways of saving or preparing for retirement
Saving in life insurance is the best alternative choice for your long-term needs due to the nature of regular, obligatory, and not-so-convenient premium payments.

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