Baru 2 Minggu Kahwin, Wanita Minta Cerai Selepas Tak Tahan Suami Asyik Kemas Rumah Jer


Why do I choose forex trading?

1. Forex can be done anywhere, anytime and by anyone as long as he is not blind. A disabled person can have an income that exceeds a civil servant, people do not go to school as well, as long as he knows will forex trading. Sometimes people after school are confused about what to do after this. You do not need to be confused, you can learn forex trading (buying and selling currency). I am ready to guide you, either by email, sms or directly teach you directly if you are interested. You can contact me if you are interested.

2. I do not have the capital to do this. I do not have Brokers who give us free capital that we can use for trading. This is real and if you profit you can draw it to your account. The amount of free capital sebesara $ 5 or about Rp. 50.000, -. You can order with quantity 100 which means perpoint worth $ 0.01, Brokernya There are also brokers who love free capital of $ 25 but free capital is given after we deposit at least $ 25. Brokers If we withdraw our funds usually not more than 2 hours have reached our account, that's my experience.

3. Remember this one business is very anti with a greedy name, greed will destroy everything, I've experienced it. With $ 200 in capital, in 2 hours I was earning $ 250. But because the greed the next day I lost $ 350. This is the real experience I experienced. High risk high return!


Forex (Foreign Exchange) is trading foreign currency or commonly referred to as Forex (Foreign Exchange). Traded on FOREX: The most common currency pair (Pairs) in the world (ex: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, USD / CHF). So Forex means buying or selling a currency against another currency in order to gain profit

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