Dua Budak Ni Bermain Kat Tepi Sungai, Tiba-Tiba Sesuatu Terjadi Pada Mereka. Tengok Apa Yang cctv Rakamkan!

Insurance is an agreement with which an insurer binds himself to an insured person by accepting a premium, to provide reimbursement to him for a loss, damage or loss of expected profit which he may suffer from an event that is not certain. Law no. 2 of 1992 concerning insurance business that has been enacted on 11 February 1992 provides the definition of insurance as insurance or coverage is an agreement between two or more parties, with which the insurer binds himself to the insured, by receiving insurance premium, to provide reimbursement to the insured due to loss, damage or loss of expected profit or legal liability to a third party which may be subject to the insured, arising from an uncertain event, or providing a payment based on the death or life of an insured person. Basic and insurance elements The basis of an insurance agreement is to avoid a risk by handing it / charging it to someone else. The juridical elements of an insurance are: 1. The existence of the insured party (parties whose interests are insured) 2. The existence of the insurer (the insurance company that guarantee will pay compensation) 3. The existence of insurance agreements (between the insurer and the insured) 4. The existence of premium payments (by the insured to the insurer) 5. The existence of loss, damage, or loss of profits (suffered by the insured). 6. The existence of an uncertain event
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